If you are a beginner trader, then the Kill Market indicator , which I will discuss in this article, will be useful for you as a tool for making money. Moreover, it is suitable for both Forex trading and binary options trading. The indicator gives out its recommendations for opening trade orders in the form of multidirectional arrows colored red or green. And they are very easy to read. If the arrow that appears on the chart has a green color and is directed upwards, it means that you can open a buy deal. Accordingly, if the color of the arrow is red and it is directed downward, then a sell order should be opened.

As you can see, apart from the arrows, the Kill Market indicator displays points of the same colors. They can be called preliminary signals. In other words, the indicator warns of a possible signal. Now let's talk about its settings.

Installing and configuring Kill Market

As for the installation of the indicator in MT4, there should be no problems with this, since this work is carried out according to the standard scheme. You can download the indicator file from the link that I will offer you at the end of this article.

And now about the parameters.

"Basic algorithm" is a parameter with which you can enable or, conversely, disable the application of the basic algorithm for filtering signals.

We indicate the degree of signal filtration using a parameter called “filtration”. The higher its value, the more thoroughly the indicator will filter signals. In this case, there will be fewer of them, but they will be of higher quality.

You can also envisage a shift of the signal by several candles. There is a corresponding parameter for this.

To improve the accuracy of signals, you can enable the function of the additional algorithm ("Use?") And configure it ("Filtering").

If the application of all the listed filters seems insufficient to you, then activate another one - "Waiting for a negative deal".

The next two parameters are responsible for sound notification of signals.

Well, the last parameters in the list are called "Martin" and "History in bars". The first one is used when trading using the Martingale method. You must indicate the maximum number of deals that can be opened.

And the second parameter is needed in order to indicate to the indicator how many candles from the history can be used in calculations.

It must be admitted that the developers made it as easy as possible to work with the parameters, since they presented them in Russian.

Naturally, the Kill Market indicator requires testing in demo trading. Take your time to apply it in real trading.